UNY Group - interregional holding company whose goal is to organize the industrial approach to solving problems of national significance. Large diversified experience allows complex to implement and develop innovative solutions. UNY-Group has a wide scope of interests in various industries. The work is conducted within the framework of occupational associations of partners in many cities in Russia and abroad.
The group of companies UNY-Bau - universal construction association of professionals with advanced technical capabilities to conduct the full spectrum of design, construction and reconstruction of industrial enterprises, logistics facilities, administrative and office buildings, sports facilities, shopping areas and apartment blocks.
The group of companies UNY-Bio works is in the areas bioenergy and agriculture. Major activity is to organize the production of waste forest harvesting, wood processing and agricultural enterprises with the creation as a result of new environmentally friendly fuel for heating private households, the use of municipal boiler plants and power plants.
The activities of the group of companies UNY-Nano is aimed at the development of nanotechnology. Positive economic effect, resulting from the use of innovative technologies in the development of materials and their further use, allows you to extend the possibility of introducing nanotechnology to the production process.
Work UNY Tec is aimed at the design, development and application of high technology solutions for various industries. Specialists Association implementing integrated solutions for the production sector, whose application allows you to organize the process of developing effective production of products or services, the establishment and subsequent operation of various types.
The group of companies UNY Pro is its own production powers for ensuring projects of UNY-Group and external customers needs with modern energy efficient materials, high-tech equipment material safe structures, which significantly reduces the cost and duration of the projects.
UNY Arch is the union of recognized architects and designers who are introducing the exclusive creative ideas and effective solutions in today's design on paper, construction, exterior and interior design of buildings and structures. Own nonstandard vision, constructive approach and use all the features of construction materials allows to implement projects on time.
The group of companies UNY-Eco is working on projects in the field of ecology. Testing being done of energy-efficient technologies for further use in the production of materials and construction. Priority is an organization of energy-efficient eco-friendly industries, as well as the introduction of techniques to achieve harmony in the industrial world with the environment.
Participants in the group of companies UNY-Bank carried out extensive regional policies to promote small business. Solve problems of public support through mortgage crediting with the implementation of federal programs to improve housing conditions. UNY-Bank is actively involved in investment projects of national and regional levels.
UNY Basket - social sports project of interregional industrial holding UNY Group. The project is aimed at children and young people, the developing and popularizing sports, the strengthening of health of the younger generation as well as opening basketball schools and sections in the regions where the holding is present, organizing sports competitions and events.
  • Industrial organizational approach to solving problems on a national scale in the inter-holding.

  • Industrial and civil construction, infrastructure construction, engineering and communication networks.

  • Bioenergy and agriculture. Projects in the field of efficient use of natural resources.

  • Development, and implementation of integrated probes of nanotechnology in various manufacturing processes.

  • The practice of introducing high-tech solutions in various sectors of the economy.

  • Own production of materials and equipment to meet the needs of UNY-Group and Open Market.

  • Full range of services in architecture, detailed design, unique design of buildings and interiors.

  • Environmental and energy efficiency. Solving production problems in environmental management.

  • Organization of project financing. Regional policies to promote small business. The mortgage.

  • Social sporty design of the holding, aimed at children and young people and the development and popularization of sports