The group of companies UNY-Bau - universal construction association of professionals with advanced technical capabilities to conduct the full spectrum of design, construction and reconstruction of industrial enterprises, logistics facilities, administrative and office buildings, sports facilities, shopping areas and apartment blocks.

The main activities of the group of companies UNY-Bau:
  • Design of buildings and structures;
  • Construction and installation work;
  • Reconstruction of buildings and structures;
  • Implementation of a General Contractor;
  • To serve as Technical Customer;
  • Documentary support of the construction process from receipt of initial permits to commissioning;
  • Geodetic and cartographic works;
  • Design and installation of foundations;
  • The device structures of reinforced and precast concrete;
  • Fabrication and installation of metal;
  • Installation of enclosures;
  • Manufacture of roofing;
  • Engineering networks and communications;
  • Installation of ventilation and heating equipment;
  • heat recovery systems, cooling systems and air conditioning;
  • Installation of domestic and imported production equipment;
  • Low-rise construction in the Federal Target Programme;
  • Energy efficient construction; Transportation logistics.