UNY Group - industrial holding company whose goal is to organize the industrial approach to solving problems of national significance. Large diversified experience allows complex to implement and develop innovative solutions. UNY-Group has a wide scope of interests in various industries. The work is conducted within the framework of occupational associations of partners in many cities in Russia and abroad.

Mission of Uny Group:

  • To work holding UNY-Group at a high level;
  • Focus on the end result;
  • Use the resources of partners in different regions of Russia and abroad, to develop optimum design solutions;
  • An integrated approach to problem solving;
  • Accompany business development partner companies;
  • Ensure decent working conditions employees of companies;
  • Be an open and secure organization.

Advantages of UNY Group:

  • Each company in the UNY-Group, has a narrow specialization in the business. Focusing on one direction, allows a more careful approach to solving problems and achieving high professional results
  • All companies within the holding UNY-Group, is a self-sufficient, workable, financially-complete, self-sustainable model. Lack of financial dependency of companies from each other, makes holding steady to the crisis
  • A comprehensive approach to solving problems can develop all directions simultaneously. Each project within the UNY-Group comprises several specialized areas
  • Careful selection of contractors ensures the quality of your work on time
  • Partners UNY-Group have been successful in business, firmly occupy a niche market, using its unique developments
  • Diversity of companies holding UNY-Group enables us to provide various services to customers, working with partners within the holding, without resorting to outside organizations


  • Industrial and civil construction;
  • Bioenergy and agriculture;
  • Research, innovative technologies;
  • Engineering and Technology;
  • The production and use;
  • Architecture, engineering, design;
  • Environment, energy efficiency;
  • Investment projects, banking institutions