05.11.2011The team "Profile Stroi" won the basketball tournament

Basketball team building company "Profile Stroi" won the tournament, held in Novomichurinsk Pronsky district of the Ryazan region. The Director-General "Profile-Stroy," Andrey Belous was awarded the best player of the tournament.

The city Novomichurinsk Pronsky in the district of the Ryazan is the region where the basketball tournament was held. The tournament is organized every year, it is held in memory of deceased comrades - Novomichurinsk players of local basketball team Nicholas
Korablev and Andrei Kazakov. Having received an invitation to participate in the tournament, the company "Profile Stroi", leading the construction of the plant in Novomichurinsk with blocks of aerated honeycomb concrete, immediately said yes.

The Director-General "Profile-Stroi" Andrey Belous a former professional basketball player, played for "Dynamo" (
Moscow) "Neftianik" (Ryazan) and other teams. Andrey and now in good physical shape as possible trying to get out once a basketball court. Deputy of Belous - Sergey Matveyev - six foot seven, is also well acquainted with the basketball.

"Profile-Stroi" is a construction unit of «UNY Bau» industrial holding company «UNY Group». Andrey Belous is the chairman of the board of directors of the Holding. Recently, at the initiative of the «UNY Group» in Novomichurinsk an infant «UNY Basket» school of basketball has been opened. School coach Andrei Bolshakov gladly joined the team of "Profile Stroi".

Opening of children's school «UNY Basket» was made possible by the support of the district administration head of Pronsky, Alexander Shastitko and chairman of the committee for physical culture, sport and tourism in Pronsky area Edward Sleptsov. It is not surprising that a duo of Shastitko-Sleptsov strengthened the ranks of "Profile Stroi" team.

The tournament was attended by four teams. "Our meeting today is a sad occasion" addressed to the participants, chief of staff Alexander Shastitko of Pronsky area."Let us commemorate our comrades a good sports game. Let's play ball".

The competition was held a round-robin, each team had to play with each. Total 6 matches has been played, and so it was that the final meeting before the tournament winner has not yet been identified. In the sixth match of the day came together teams that has not lost once - "Profile Stroi" and a team of Skopin city. In the hard uncompromizing battle the victory went to the team "Profile Stroi". The crucial role in last minutes of the game has been played by the skillful and experienced Andrey Belous - he was named the best player in the tournament. "Over the course of my career I've played in different teams. Today we had probably the strongest team spirit "- said the best player of the tournament director general of "Profile-Stroi"Andrey Belous.

Alexander Shastitko on behalf of the winning team, has passed the cup to the family of Andrey Kazakov. Nikolai Vasilyevich - father of Andrey - thanked for the support of the tournament and remembering the departed comrades.